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After-A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal About Life and Beyond by Dr. Bruce Greyson

After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal About Life and Beyond 

What happens when we die? Approximately 10% of people whose hearts stop report near-death experiences (NDEs). Stories of lights, tunnels and loved ones have been relayed — and dismissed — since ancient times. But when Dr. Bruce Greyson’s patients started describing events that he could not just dismiss, he began to investigate.  In After, he shares the transformative lessons he has learned over four decades of research.

In this book, Dr. Greyson challenges us to consider what NDEs can teach us about the relationship between our brain and our mind, expanding our understanding of consciousness, and of what it means to be human.


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“This very captivating book by Dr. Bruce Greyson chronicles his personal, spiritual and professional quest to understand the meaning of near-death experiences. His long-awaited and amazing book is a major contribution to the study of what happens when we die, and will quickly prove to be a classic in near-death studies.” ~Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, Author of Life After Life

Radio/Podcast Interviews:

The Measure of Everyday Life-WNCU-NPR
DOPS researcher Dr. Marieta Pehlivanova, recently appeared on the NPR-WNCU program “The Measure of Everyday Life”.
A force that animates all of our lives in some way is the concept of death. What if we had more certainty about what happens when we die? What if a preview of death could inform our life?
In this episode, Marieta Pehlivanova discusses the research on near-death experiences.


NPR's First Up Podcast with Bruce Greyson

NPR- Up First Podcast: “Changed by a Near-death Experience: One man recounts his near-death COVID story”

When Randy Schiefer was hospitalized in March 2020 with COVID-19, his chances of survival didn’t look good. After nearly a month in a medically induced coma he pulled through, but an experience he had while unconscious left him forever changed. Randy shares the story of his near-death experience and psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Greyson shares what he’s learned from 50 years of studying what happens when people are close to death.

WUNC/The People’s Pharmacy: How Near Death Experiences Transform People’s Lives. People who report near-death experiences often find that their lives have changed instantly and permanently, with new values and no fear of death. Joe and Terry Graedon are the hosts.

With Good Reason BannerSarah McConnel, Host of  “With Good Reason“, interviewed Bruce Greyson about his research into Near-Death Experiences:

You only die once. But you can get close a few times. Bruce Greyson never was very spiritual, but after interviewing 1,000’s of people who have had near-death experiences he’s changed his mind about life after death. His new book is After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about Life and Beyond. (June, 2021)

Trend Following with Michael Covel featuring Bruce GreysonTREND FOLLOWING with MICHAEL COVEL: Bruce Greyson reveals his journey toward rethinking the nature of death, life, and the continuity of consciousness.  Cases of remarkable experiences on the threshold of death have been reported since ancient times, and are described today by 10% of people whose hearts stop. Medicine has generally ignored these “near-death experiences,” dismissing them as “tricks of the brain” or wishful thinking. Greyson began to investigate after his patients started describing events that he could not ignore.

Coast to Coast with George NooryBruce Greyson Interviewed on “Coast to Coast”Popular radio host George Noory interviewed Dr. Bruce Greyson about his NDE Research. “Almost every experiencer that I’ve talked to has said they are no longer afraid of dying after their near-death experience”-Bruce Greyson



Red River RadioRed River Radio/NPR, Illuminations: Near-Death Experiences. Ranae Moran and Dee Anne Phillips will explore the subject of near-death experiences with leading experts Dr. Bruce Greyson and Dr. Gary Habermas. More on the topic can be found in Dr. Greyson’s newly released book, “After,” and “Beyond Death”, by Dr. Habermas (March 7, 2021).

Where is My Mind? PodcastListen to author Mark Gober (Book: An End to Upside Down Thinking) interview Dr. Bruce Greyson on his podcast “Where is My Mind” about the topic of Near-Death Experiences. This is a very insightful and in-depth interview with Dr. Greyson (August, 2019).  Listen to Episode 5: Near-Death Experience‪s.


WUNC 91.5 LogoWhat Near-Death Experiences Show About Our Brains And Our Beliefs  –The State of Things, North Carolina Public radio, WUNC, hosted by Frank Stasio.  In 2017, Dr. Bruce Greyson discussed his research into Near Death Experiences on the NPR program The State of Things .Host Frank Stasio interviewed Dr. Greyson about his NDE research along with Susan Amsden, a group leader of the International Association of Near-Death Studies  in Durham, NC.

Dean Radin IONSDr. Bruce Greyson is interviewed in this segment by our respected colleague Dr. Dean Radin, of the Institute of Noetic Sciences ( They discuss the nature and scope of near-death experiences in this in-depth interview-highly recommended (October, 2014). “Dr. Bruce Greyson-NDEs.  Interviewed by Dr. Dean Radin of IONS”


Listen to Dr. Bruce Greyson in a recent radio interview on Minnesota Public Radio- A glimpse of the afterlife through near-death experiences. In 2015, Dr. Bruce Greyson did a live radio interview on MPR along with journalist Gideon Lichfield.  Mr. Lichfield wrote an article on near-death experiences that appeared in “The Atlantic Magazine”, titled, ” The Science of Near Death Experiences-Empirically investigating brushes with the afterlife“.  



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