Media – Study of Altered States

Ed Kelly: Consciousness is More than a Product of Brain Activity

Kim Penberthy: Meditation and Altered States of Consciousness


John Cleese and Ed Kelly discuss survival of consciousness beyond death


W.J. Ross Dunseath:  Physiological Correlates of Psi Phenomena Pilot Study of EEG and Psychokinesis

Radio and Podcast Interviews:

The Consciousness Podcast 

Dr. Edward Kelly, UVA Division of Perceptual Studies researcher

Episode 7: Survival of Consciousness after Death with Dr. Edward Kelly

Dr. Edward Kelly is a UVA Division of Perceptual Studies researcher and the author/editor of two significant academic books addressing issues related to the nature of human consciousness:

Irreducible Mind published in 2007
Beyond Physicalism published in 2015

For more information about Dr. Kelly books and others written by the UVA DOPS faculty, please visit Books by Division of Perceptual Studies Staff on this website.

Spirit Matters Podcast

Spirit Matters graphic bannerEpisode: Psychic Phenomena and How it Relates to Spiritual Development

Author of  Beyond Physicalism and Irreducible Mind, Dr. Edward Kelly is interviewed in this podcast by Phil Goldberg, author of American Veda, and Dennis Raimondi. The interviewers ask Dr. Kelly about his and others’ research on psychic phenomena and how it relates to spiritual development.

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