Expanding Our Research

The research faculty at the Division of Perceptual Studies are seeking grants and private funding to support the following research initiatives regarding the research into small children who remember previous lives – Donate Now

We thank you for your interest and for your generous support of our research.

Study of American Children Who Claim to Remember Past Lives

For the first time, this study will include psychological evaluations of the parents as well as thorough investigation into the spontaneous statements regarding a previous life made by a young child.

Study of the Prevalence of Children’s reported past-life memories

After a limited pilot survey in a rural and suburban area, it was found that up to 6% of American parents reported having a child who is spontaneously speaking about past-life memories. This was unexpectedly high and compels our research staff to engage in more thorough research into this finding.

Statistical Modeling and Analysis of the Children Who Remember Previous Lives SPSS Database

We propose to do more and varied statistical analysis of the over 2200 cases that have been coded and entered into the SPSS data base to discern patterns and trends regarding small children who remember previous lives.