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Reincarnation research by Ian Stevenson: Children's past life memories

Discovering Regression Therapy:
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Past Lives:
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Children's Past Lives (Reincarnation Documentary) - Real Stories

John Cleese Interviews Jim Tucker re: DOPS Research into Children's Past Life Memories




WNG Radio logoDr. Jim Tucker was interviewed on Karen Conti’s radio show, WGN Radio-Chicago, September of 2019. Dr. Tucker discussed the DOPS research into children who report memories of a previous life. He related numerous facts about some strong cases in this interview.  Host, Karen Conti asked Dr. Tucker interesting, well-researched compelling questions. We invite you to listen to this excellent 21 minute interview with Dr. Jim Tucker regarding the DOPS research into cases of children who have memories of a previous life.


National Public Radio logoListen to Dr. Jim Tucker on NPR Weekend Edition, January 5th, 2014.  Dr. Tucker was interviewed by Rachel Martin in the segment titled: “Searching for the Science Behind


To the Best of Our Knowledge, NPRDr. Jim Tucker appeared on the syndicated NPR Wisconsin Public Radio program To the Best of Our Knowledge”, November of 2005, to discuss his research in the area of reincarnation. Listen to Dr. Tucker discuss his first book Life Before Life.




Hi-Phi Nation: Season 2, Mar 27th, 2018 Episode 6: The Self and Survival

This episode is about unusual childhood memories which bring up questions regarding the nature of the “self” and what aspects might survive post mortem. The interviewers delve into the philosophy and science of personal identity, quantum physics, and belief in the afterlife. Guests include Dr. Jim Tucker, Barbro Karlen, and philosophers Alyssa Ney and Yuval Avnur.

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Magazine Articles

The Atlantic Magazine LogoHere is an article by Jake Flanagin about the researchers at UVA DOPS who are lending credibility to parapsychological research. The Atlantic, Jan/Feb, 2014.


UVA Alumni Magazine, December, 2013

An article appeared in the UVA Alumni Magazine, winter 2013, which focused on the research of Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives being conducted by Dr. Jim B. Tucker.

Click on the link to read the article by Sean Lyons  “The Science of Reincarnation: UVA psychiatrist Jim Tucker investigates children’s claims of past lives”.


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