Research Position Openings

Job Description:   

Research Specialist Intermediate:  

  • Minimum requirement for the position: Master’s Degree in neuroscience, psychology, biomedical engineering, mind-body medicine or a related discipline. 
  • The ideal candidate has a serious interest in the scientific study of unusual and/or exceptional human experiences and is experienced in statistical analysis, EEG methods and analysis, with an understanding of research methodology including study design, study implementation, data collection, data analysis and the write-up of results.
  • This position is funded for two years. Funding the position may be extended based on job performance and additional funding.
  • Please go to UVA JOBS Website to apply for the position.

The UVA Division of Perceptual Studies (UVADOPS), at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, seeks a Research Specialist Intermediate, with at least a master’s level of preparation, for participation in collaborative research with The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Faber, VA.  The position involves working on several research studies conducted on TMI’s campus ranging from event-related potentials in EEG to measures of expanded states of consciousness and extraordinary (and potentially novel) psychophysiological skills.

In addition, the position requires the ability to manage research projects, coordinate and oversee research regulatory requirements including writing and submission of forms and documents to the UVA IRB for study approvals, and communicating with IRB staff regarding protocol modifications and renewals.  Recruiting study participants (primarily from TMI programs) and conducting multiple research protocols at TMI (including EEG prep) is required.

The successful applicant must be open-minded and interested in researching unusual and exceptional human abilities, as well as possess the social skills needed for working with groups and individuals attempting to access expanded states of consciousness.  A balance of scientific skills with an understanding of the psychological needs of program participants engaged in consciousness exploration is essential in this job.

A background in scientific reading and research experience in parapsychology would be helpful, but if the applicant is highly motivated and quick to learn, the position is a unique opportunity to acquire expertise in the frontiers of consciousness research beyond the materialist paradigm.

The position is based at DOPS under UVA employment and supervision by Dr. Ross Dunseath, Co-director of the DOPS Westphal Neuroimaging Lab and TMI Research Coordinator.  Research at the DOPS lab involves measuring physiological correlates of psi phenomena in expert subjects, and 20% of the DOPS/TMI research position will be dedicated to DOPS activities.  The remaining 80% will be focused on TMI research, on site as required.  The researcher will have desks in both locations and access to analysis facilities and expertise at DOPS.

At present, there are three studies at TMI that the DOPS/TMI researcher will participate in (including UVA IRB submission):

1. A high-density EEG study looking at evoked-potential brain response to audio stimuli developed at TMI.
2. A 2-channel EEG study on groups of 16-20 participants engaged in remote viewing (aka ESP) and out-of-body activities under controlled conditions.
3. An attempt to replicate previous published research measuring volt-level pulses appearing on some individuals engaged in meditative or healing efforts under carefully controlled conditions.

There will be opportunities for publication of papers in peer-reviewed journals and for presentations at conferences.

Other skills and knowledge desired:

• Technical skills with Matlab (EEGlab, FieldTrip) or similar physiological data analysis software.
• Communication skills are essential, including excellent command of written and spoken English.
• Willingness and ability to collaborate in a congenial way with a diversity of research colleagues and research study participants.

This is a two [2] year, end-dated position.  Funding for the position is available for two years and may be extended based on job performance and additional funding.

Click here to apply for this position through the UVA JOBS website.

Research Specialist Intermediate employees help develop, design, and conduct one or more research projects of increasing size and complexity. They oversee day-to-day operation of projects and/or specialized research areas to ensure work meets the objectives of the Principal Investigators . They are distinguished from a Research Specialist employees by advanced expertise, greater independent decision-making, and increased complexity of work. They are generally active in the writing and editing process. They may present findings at conferences and meetings.

Responsibilities can include:

  • Formulate research methods and suggest options for improving quality, identify potential problems, recommend and implement solutions, and collaborate in the development of new techniques.
  • Develop research criteria, determine interview procedures, and approve protocols. May also design intervention protocols.
  • Participate in the research funding process, including writing grant proposals. May also participate more broadly in the research administration and financial and managerial oversight of the team if the effort and commitment associated with the position funding allows for such participation.
  • Coordinate data collection and oversee screening and verification of data. Conduct data analysis and interpret and implement research methodologies based on outcomes of analyses.
  • Co-author publications and co-present results with principal investigators at meetings or conferences.
  • May supervise exempt and non-exempt research and support personnel and/or student workers as needed.
  • In addition to the above job responsibilities, other duties may be assigned.


Education: Masters degree in neuroscience, psychology, biomedical engineering, mind-body medicine, or a related discipline.

Experience:  Position requires the ability to manage research projects, coordinate and oversee research regulatory requirements including writing and submission of forms and documents to the UVA IRB for study approvals, and communicating with IRB staff regarding protocol modifications and renewals and the ability to recruit study participants.