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Nature of Consciousness

Title Author Title of Journal Date of Publication Link to Article
Some Conceptual and Empirical Shortcomings of the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness (IIT)

Kelly, Edward

Journal of Anomalous Experience and Cognition 2022 Full Article
Spontaneous Remission of Dementia Before Death: Results From a Study on Paradoxical Lucidity

Batthyány, Alexander

Greyson, Bruce

Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice 2021 Full Article
Factors Moderating the Impact of After Death Communications on Beliefs and Spirituality

Penberthy, Kim

Pehlivanova, Marieta

Kalelioglu, Tevfik

Roe, Chris A.

Cooper, Callum E.

Lorimer, David

Elsaesser, Evelyn

OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying 2021 Full Article
Paradoxical lucidity: A potential paradigm shift for the neurobiology and treatment of severe dementias

Mashour, George

Frank, Lori

Batthyány, Alexander

Kolanowski, Ann Marie

Nahm, Michael

Schulman-Green, Dena

Greyson, Bruce

Pakhomov, Serguei

Karlawish, Jason

Shah, Raj

Alzheimer’s & Dementia 2019 Full Article
Discrepancy Between Cerebral Structure and Cognitive Functioning: A Review

Nahm, Michael

Rousseau, David

Greyson, Bruce

The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 2017 Full Article
Toward reconciliation of science and spirituality: a brief history of the “Sursem” project

Kelly, Edward

Edge Science 2015 Full Article
The death of Anna Katharina Ehmer: A case study in terminal lucidity

Nahm, Michael

Greyson, Bruce

Omega 2013 Full Article
Terminal Lucidity: A review and a case collection

Nahm, Michael

Greyson, Bruce

Kelly, Emily Williams

Haraldsson, Erlendur

Archives of Geriatrics and Gerontology 2012 Full Article
An initial study of extreme, measureable forms of synchronicity

Perry, Robert

Landon, Mary Kay

Greyson, Bruce

Whitfield, Charles

Whitfield, Barbara

Perry, Nicola

Psychiatric Annals 2011 Full Article
Consciousness – what is it?

Dossey, Larry

Greyson, Bruce

Sturrock, P. A.

Tucker, Jim B.

Journal of Cosmology 2011 Full Article