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Factors Moderating the Impact of After Death Communications on Beliefs and Spirituality

Penberthy, Kim

Pehlivanova, Marieta

Kalelioglu, Tevfik

Roe, Chris A.

Cooper, Callum E.

Lorimer, David

Elsaesser, Evelyn

OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying 2021 Full Article
Canities Subita: A Reappraisal of Evidence Based on 196 Case Reports Published in the Medical Literature

Nahm, Michael

Navarini, Alexander

Kelly, Emily Williams

International Journal of Trichology 2013 Full Article
Distance Healing of Patients with Major Depression

Greyson, Bruce

Journal of Scientific Exploration 1996 Full Article
Guest Column: On the Necessity of Medical Documents in Claims of Paranormal Phenomena in Diseases

Stevenson, Ian

Journal of Scientific Exploration 1996 Full Article
Are Poltergeists Living or Are They Dead?

Stevenson, Ian

Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 1972 Full Article