Nanotechnology Expert Mark Kester Joins Pharmacology Faculty

February 28, 2014 by

Mark Kester, Ph.D. joined us as a Professor of Pharmacology in January. He will also serve as co-director of U.Va.’s Institute for Nanoscale and Quantum Scientific and Technological Advanced Research, or nanoSTAR. Dr. Kester’s work uses nanotechnologies to deliver drugs for cancer treatment in a targeted, very specific way. This allows patients to undergo treatments that would otherwise be harmful or deadly when administered.  “Nanos allow us to protect and package the therapeutic and deliver it stealthily,” Kester said. “Basically, I design FedEx trucks. They’re designed to deliver on time, all the time, to the tumor.” Learn more about nanoSTAR and it’s impact on the UVA School of Medicine in this article by Josh Barney.