Congrats to Mike Schappe – 2019 Outstanding Grad Student!

March 1, 2019 by

Please join the Pharmacology Department in congratulating Michael Schappe of the Desai Lab, who received the 2019 Outstanding Pharmacology Graduate Student Award! For this honor, Mike will receive $500, a certificate, and an engraved Jefferson Cup, all of which will be handed out at the GBS Symposium on March 15, 2019 . Mike is recognized by the Pharmacology Graduate Committee for the scientific merit of his doctoral research, his scientific productivity, his academic performance, and his leadership skills. From his mentorship of undergraduate students who went to on win awards to his volunteer activities to his work with GBS, it is clear that Mike is able to focus on helping others be successful while being successful himself.

As recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Pharmacology Graduate Student Award, Mike is the department’s nominee for the Michael J. Peach Outstanding Graduate Student Award and Jill E. Hungerford Prize in Biomedical Sciences. These prestigious awards recognize the accomplishments of our most talented and creative senior students across the School of Medicine, and we are excited to nominate Mike for these prizes.

Please be sure to join us at the GBS Symposium on March 15 and to congratulate Mike on this accomplishment!