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Program Description

The Master of Public Health Program is a nationally accredited degree program that provides graduate public health professional training in:

  • quantitative and qualitative research methodologies,
  • quality, management, & outcomes in health systems
  • health policy, law & ethics, and
  • translational and community-engagement strategies.

The program focuses on the competencies professionals need to improve the health of individuals and populations.  The individualized and interdisciplinary curriculum includes courses in the five core areas of public health and a wide range of interdisciplinary courses.

Students complete a minimum of 42 credit hours of course work: core courses, courses in a chosen track, a field placement in a community health setting, and a culminating experience project.  The following dual degrees options are available: MD-MPH, JD-MPH, MBA-MPH and MPP-MPH.  Graduates are prepared for a variety of positions in health care and research, community health, and health policy.

There are two tracks, or areas of concentration, within the program:

The MPH program generally requires two academic years of coursework and fieldwork.  Each student works with an MPH faculty advisor to identify a concentration and develop a plan of study and timeline tailored to the student’s professional interests, needs, and goals.   In some cases, other timelines may apply, for example:

UVA faculty, physicians, and staff who would like to pursue an MPH degree can petition for special part-time status or a special full-time 1-year plan of study comprised of a fall/spring/summer curriculum.

Dual-degree students (MD-MPH, JD-MPH, MBA-MPH, MPP-MPH) generally enroll full-time in the MPH Program for 2 semesters and complete their MPH courses during matriculation in their other programs.

Students with professional experience and/or other advanced degrees* can petition for approval to complete the MPH program with an accelerated timeline that includes coursework in summers and January terms, when available.  (*This may also apply to students who will begin other professional degree programs at the completion of their MPH degree.)

Recent college graduates and others with little relevant professional experience are strongly encouraged to register for two full academic years (4 semesters).


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