Charles R. Farber

Genetics of complex disease

Common diseases, such as osteoporosis, impart significant societal health burdens. These diseases are, in part, regulated by genetic determinants and understanding their genetic basis is critical to the development of effective therapeutics. In recent years, technological advances, such as sequencing the genomes of multiple species and the ability to perform bioassays in a massively parallel fashion, have made it possible to begin to understand disease in a systems context. Systems-biology attempts to determine the direct and interactive roles of all cellular and physiological components (transcripts, proteins, metabolites, etc.) in diseased and normal states using data from high-throughput genomic studies.

Our lab is using systems approaches to investigate the molecular basis of bone strength. The goal of this work is to combine genetics and global gene expression profiling in the mouse to identify genes and pathways which influence bone strength related traits using techniques such as causality modeling between expression and physiological traits and generating disease focused gene co-expression networks. An additional component of this work is testing hypotheses generated by systems-analyses using in vitro cell based assays and transgenic mouse models.

Associate Professor
Public Health Sciences
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Charlottesville, VA 22908
Telephone: 434-243-8584
Fax: 434-924-1312


  • BS, Biochemistry, Western Kentucky University
  • MS, Genetics, Michigan State University
  • PhD, Genetics, University of California, Davis
  • Postdoc, Genetics, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests

Systems Genetics of Skeletal Development and Maintenance

Selected Publications

  • Sabik OL, Medrano JF, Farber CR, Genetic Dissection of a QTL Affecting Bone Geometry., 2017; G3 (Bethesda, Md.). 7(3) 865-870. PMID: 28082324 | PMCID: PMC5345717
  • Ganta VC, Choi MH, Kutateladze A, Fox TE, Farber CR, Annex BH, A MicroRNA93-Interferon Regulatory Factor-9-Immunoresponsive Gene-1-Itaconic Acid Pathway Modulates M2-Like Macrophage Polarization to Revascularize Ischemic Muscle., 2017; Circulation. 135(24) 2403-2425. PMID: 28356443 | PMCID: PMC5503157
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  • Calabrese GM, Mesner LD, Stains JP, Tommasini SM, Horowitz MC, Rosen CJ, Farber CR, Integrating GWAS and Co-expression Network Data Identifies Bone Mineral Density Genes SPTBN1 and MARK3 and an Osteoblast Functional Module., 2016; Cell systems. 4(1) 46-59.e4. PMID: 27866947 | PMCID: PMC5269473
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