POP&ER Contact Information

The division of Patient Outcomes, Policy & Epidemiologic Research is comprised both of faculty members with primary appointments in the division and of other with secondary appointments who are based in departments and schools across the University and in public health agencies in the community. Wide-ranging faculty interests include U.S. and international health policy; public health ethics and law; health disparities and vulnerable populations; community obesity interventions; and youth smoking cessation.

Name Phone E-mail Address
Chen, Donna 434-243-5804 dtc6k@virginia.edu
Eby, Jean 434-243-4953 jmg5b@virginia.edu
Engelhard, Carolyn 434-982-6744 cle6z@virginia.edu
Hornsby, Paige 434-924-8638 pph8c@virginia.edu
Novicoff, Wendy 434-243-0296 wmn2v@Virginia.EDU
Pannone, Aaron 434-924-9032 afp2n@virginia.edu
Richardson, Jeanita 434-924-8784 jwr4f@virginia.edu
Ropka, Mary 434-924-8569 mropka@virginia.edu
Sheperd, Lois 434-982-3970 ms5vs@virginia.edu
Sohn, Min-Woong 434-924-7236 ms5vs@virginia.edu
Stukenborg, GeorgeĀ – Director 434-924-8649 gstukenborg@virginia.edu
Wanchek, Tanya 434-982-5819 twanchek@Virginia.EDU