Population Health & Prevention Research

Coordinated by: Roger Anderson and Raj Balkrishnan

Faculty:  Wendy CohnKristin Guertin, Paige Hornsby, Aaron Pannone, Jeanita Richardson, Kristen Wells

Professional Research Staff: Fabian Camacho

The Population Health and Prevention Science Section within the Department of Public Health Sciences fulfills a strategic mission of the UVA School of Medicine through team-science led research and educational activities related to the social determinants of health and disease in diverse populations both nationally and internationally.  Faculty are involved in research examining issues of effectiveness, efficiency and equity in the access, provision and outcomes of health care services for major illness and health conditions across the continuum of prevention.  The Section’s educational and outreach programs are focused on translating research advances in the determinants of health disparities through the application of social science methods to evaluate health care programs and interventions and inform health care policy and decision making.