Event Semester: Spring 2019

Silvia Penuela


Silvia Penuela Assistant Professor Anatomy and Cell Biology Western University Seminar Title: Pannexin 1 channels as novel regulators of cell growth and differentiation Host: Dr. Brant Isakson

Event Categories: MPBP seminar

Gregory Melikian


Gregory Melikian Professor Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases Emory University Seminar Title: TBD Host: Dr. Lukas Tamm

Event Categories: Archive

Bianxiao Cui


Bianxiao Cui, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry Stanford University Title: The role of membrane curvature at the nano-bio interface Host: Peter Kasson

Event Categories: Archive

Sarah L. Keller


Sarah L. Keller, PhD Professor of Chemistry University of Washington Title: TBD Host: Peter Kasson

Event Categories: MPBP seminar