Emily Hillaker, DO

Medical School: Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Undergraduate: University of Michigan-Flint

Professional Interest: Pediatric rehabilitation, neuromuscular medicine, spasticity
management, interventional procedures, MSK/cancer rehab, brain and spinal cord injury, regenerative medicine, research…Have I listed it all?? I love everything about PM&R

Hobbies: I have a wonderful husband and 2 young children, and spending time with them is absolutely my favorite thing to do! At home, you’ll find me playing dinosaurs, having tea parties, or making a mess with arts and crafts. When I have free time, I enjoy weight lifting, running, cycling, hiking, and love to participate in races and triathlons. I also enjoy healthy cooking/baking.

Quote: My husband and I were very excited to have matched at UVA. Having lived in Virginia during medical school, we already knew the weather was beautiful and the hikes were awesome. Those of course, are just perks. When I interviewed at UVA, I remember thinking it would be the best fit. The amount of procedures, sports exposure and elective time to pursue professional interests was unmatched, and research opportunities were abundant. Previous residents fared extremely well in obtaining competitive fellowships, but those who didn’t want to do a fellowship had ample elective time to hone in their skills before starting their first job. Encompass had the tight-knit feel of a free-standing community hospital, but with the resources of an incredible university hospital, not to mention backed by the highly regarded name UVA. The people here were genuinely kind, and even now that I have officially started here, I can see that they continue to genuinely care about me as a person and about my professional interests. Throw in the mountains, the mild winter, the nearby ocean and DC, all in a small city that has a little of everything and is great for raising kids, and it’s obvious why UVA was my first choice across the board. Lucky me!