Michael Bova, MD

Photo of UVA PM&R Resident Michaele Bova, MD

Medical School: Upstate Medical University

Undergraduate: Houghton College

Professional Interests: Sports Medicine, Interventional Pain, Regenerative Medicine and PM&R Advocacy.

Hobbies: Competitive basketball, strength training, lay-person astrophysics, playing the mandolin, books by my favorite authors (McCullough, Lewis, Tolkien, Dickens, Isaacson).

Quote: “The underlying theme during my residency interviews can be summarized in one word: Excellence. I wanted every program to know that in me they would find a resident who pursued excellence. Likewise, I wanted to feel the reverberations of that commitment from the program. With UVA PM&R, the chord was struck. Across the board, from Drs. Wilder and Jenkins, to Joanne Palmer and the rest of the faculty, I met compassionate, innovative, and genuine humans who I knew would not only push me to achieve my professional goals, but create an uplifting program where all of the residents could thrive. I recall, in the days preceding the Match, turning to my wife and saying “I don’t know how I know, but I do: we’re going to UVA.” Called it.”