Research Initiatives


The faculty is pursuing research in a variety of areas including biomechanics and physiology of gait and other movements, the effects of specific types of exercise modalities, and bracing. The department has a state-of-the-art motion and  gait analysis  laboratory,including a one-of-a-kind forceplate instrumented treadmill that allows repeated  measurements of joint kinetics during walking and running.
Research also continues in sports medicine, pain, functional outcomes and electrodiagnosis. Collaboration with the Medical School’s Department of Neurosciences has allowed for the development of a rat model for stroke and spinal cord injury rehabilitation research.

During their senior year, residents are encouraged to elect a research rotation.
Projects may be pursued with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation faculty or other faculty within the School of Medicine.

Faculty Research Interests

Alan P. Alfano, MD: Spinal Cord Injury, Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Paul T. Diamond, MD: Neurorehabilitation, Geriatric Rehabilitation

Ward Gypson, MD: Quality Improvement, Systems-Based Practice

Jeffrey Jenkins, MD: Electrodiagnosis, Acupuncture, Flexibility Training

David S. Rubendall, DO: Electrodiagnosis; Sports Medicine

Dr. Robert P. Wilder: Physiologic and Training Effects of Deep Water Running for Athletes, Sports Medicine