PSP in the News

Up Close and Personal: UVA’s PSP is a Win-Win

Having been a University of Virginia medical student for only a month, Victor Teran wasn’t sure what was going to come out of his visit to UVA Health System patient Leo Kingrea’s rural Gordonsville home… Read More >>


Partnership Views Medicine Through the Patient’s Eyes

Lydia Weykamp, a second-year student at UVA School of Medicine, understands that each patient is more than an illness or diagnosis. And nothing has illustrated that point more vividly than her relationship with Susie Thacker… Read More >>


Teaching Wisdom: The Phronesis Project Expands

Two years ago the School of Medicine piloted a program called the Phronesis Project — “phronesis” being the Greek word for “practical wisdom.” Spearheaded by Dr. Margaret Plews-Ogan, the pilot was designed to foster wisdom and empathy in our medical students… Read More >>