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The LHRC meetings are open to the public.

Meetings are scheduled for: 2016: January 22, April 22, July 24 and October 28,  at 12:00pm at the University of Virginia Health System. If you plan to attend, please contact Brenda Barrett at 434-924-2978

The University of Virginia (UVA) Inpatient Units, located at the University of Virginia Medical Center on 5 East, are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS)

http://www.dbhds.virginia.gov/.As a condition of being

licensed, UVA’s inpatient units are required to comply with regulations that assure the human rights of individuals receiving services on inpatient psychiatric units. DBHDS’ Office of Human Rights implements these regulations, which state that each patient has the right to:

  • Retain his/her legal rights as provided by state and federal law
  • Receive prompt evaluation and treatment or training about which he/she is informed insofar as he/she is capable of understanding
  • Be treated with dignity and be free from abuse and neglect
  • Not be the subject of experimental or investigational research without his/her prior written and informed consent or that of his/her authorized representative
  • Be afforded the opportunity to have access to consultation with a private physician at his/her own expense
  • Be treated under the least restrictive conditions consistent with his/her condition and not be subjected to unnecessary physical restraint or isolation
  • Be allowed to send and receive sealed letter mail
  • Have access to his/her medical and mental records and be assured of their confidentiality
  • Have the right to an impartial review of violations of these rights and the right to access legal counsel
  • Be afforded the appropriate opportunities to participate in the development and implementation of his/her individualized plan of care

(Taken from the DMHMRSAS website)

Virginia has a State Human Rights Committee (SHRC) that oversees the protection of human rights and ensures that each licensed program has procedures and policies assuring the human rights of patients. The SHRC is also responsible for appointing local people to membership of Local Human Rights Committees. A Local Human Rights Committee (LHRC) consists of people who are not affiliated with the facility/organization and represent consumer, family, advocacy and external health providers. To provide each patient in the Medical Center’s Inpatient Unit with the assurance that his/her rights as defined by the human rights regulations will be protected we have established the UVA Inpatient Psychiatric Services Local Human Rights Committee (UVALHRC).

“LHRCs review patient complaints not resolved at the program level; review and make recommendations concerning variances to the regulations; review program policies, procedures and practices and makes recommendations for change; conduct investigations; and review restricting programming.”

(Taken from the DBHDS website)

The members of the LHRC at UVA include:

Wendy Price –  Chair

Reed Banks – Vice Chair

covered by Mr. Banks – Secretary

Patricia Pollock

Each LHRC is advised by a Regional Advocate who is assigned to each region by the DBHDS and is employed by this department. The advocate represents the patients who allege their rights have been violated. The advocate will monitor compliance with the human rights rules and regulations and investigate any allegations made by a patient who is not satisfied with the outcome provided by the medical center. Our Regional Advocate is Cassie Purtlebaugh.

If you have questions, concerns or wish to make a complaint, let us help you.


  1. Ask to speak with the unit manager (Brenda Barrett) or call 434-924-5569 (5 East);
  2. Call the UVA Patient Representative at 434-924-8315
  3. If you believe your Rights have been violated you may call or contact the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services Regional Advocate
Cassie Purtlebaugh at 804-382-3889  cassie.purtlebaugh@dbhds.virginia.gov
The Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy (VOPA) at
1-800-552-3962 (Toll Free) or 804-225-2042 (Voice/TTY)