Resident Retreat

Our program holds a yearly Resident Retreat- a day for faculty to cover the patient services, and residents to bond, do some team building, and have fun!

For our 2017 retreat, we had breakfast at The Nook on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall, with special guests Dr. Clayton, our department chair, and Dr. Dameron, our program director.  After breakfast, we split into 5 teams and competed in the Escape Room.  For lunch and afternoon outdoor activities, we visited beautiful Meriwether Springs Vineyard near town, where we had a special guest lecture from toxicologist Dr. Nate Charlton, who talked about the ethnography of hallucinogens and other mind-altering drugs.  Finally, residents who wished to stay overnight at Meriwether Springs enjoyed a fire pit and Crozet Pizza on a beautiful April evening in Virginia.