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Adult outpatient psychiatric services are delivered in two clinical venues; Northridge Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic (Northridge) and the Adult Psychiatric Clinic (APC) in the West Hospital. The APC is located in the West complex also known as the old hospital. Faculty, fellows and residents provide services to individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. The transitional care clinic is held on Wednesdays to provide care for those individuals recently discharged from the UVA inpatient psychiatric unit. The APC is also home to the outpatient based opioid treatment clinic. The mission of the Northridge Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic is to provide an environment for clinical training of our advanced psychiatry residents. Northridge is predominantly a resident clinic. Two attending physicians supervise 8 to 12 residents each year. A psychologist specializing in CBT supervises one day a week. Specialty clinics for women’s health, geriatric psychiatry, cognitive behavioral therapy, and thought disorders are held each week. Competency in psychotherapy as mandated by ACGME accreditation is a major focus of the clinic. Patients are referred from across Virginia and West Virginia due to the understaffing of community mental health clinics, and the University’s commitment to providing care to the indigent. Adult psychiatric services are also provided in a variety of clinical settings to include the HIV clinic, Cancer Center, Pain Clinic, the Behavioral Medicine Center and the Neuropsychology Laboratory.

Northridge is the resident clinic for PGY III and IV residents and geriatric fellows and is therefore structured to accommodate educational activities while insuring high quality clinical care. Residents receive two hours of individual indirect supervision weekly in accordance with ACGME regulations, in addition to direct and participatory supervision as mandated by medical center policy, HSF compliance, third party payer agreements and federal regulation. In addition to patient focused training, residents receive seminars and lectures in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, dynamic psychotherapy, supportive psychotherapy, brief and long term models of psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, clinical research, couples therapy, child psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, history of psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and administrative psychiatry.

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