Psychosocial Treatment for Addiction

Location and Contact Information

  • Dr. J. Kim Penberthy
    1670 Discovery Drive
    Charlottesville, Virginia, 22911
  • Phone: 434-243-0570
  • Fax: 434-973-7031


The Psychosocial Treatment for Addictions team focuses on the therapeutic side of addiction treatment and research. Most prominently, we study the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to the addiction field. Interested in the advancement and improvement of CBT, the group has deconstructed its components in an effort to analyze what parts are important to improve therapy outcomes. Further they are interested in understanding the role of non-treatment aspects, such as the “placebo effect” in addiction therapy. Other areas of interest of the group are in the relationship between alexithymia, and geriatric psychiatry to addiction.