Leave Policies

Residents will have 20 days of vacation/leave and days out for illness scheduled per year.  Vacation days cannot be carried over to the following year.

Paternity Leave
Residents will be given one week (5 working days) of paternity leave at the time of delivery.

Maternity Leave
Residents will be given four weeks (20 working days) maternity leave at the time of delivery per UVA GME policy:  Maternity leave may be granted as four weeks exceptional leave (two weeks sick leave plus any remaining annual vacation time).  The total leave period must be approved by the Director who will communicate this to the Medical Staff and Residency Office.

Sick Leave
Residents who are too ill to come to work need to notify the Program Director or Program Coordinator that they cannot come to work by 8:00 AM each day that they are out.

Academic Leave for Conferences and Boards
Residents attending academic conferences and teaching seminars or taking their board exams do not have to use vacation days for these activities.