Jennifer Harvey, MD


Jennifer Harvey, MD

Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging
Co-Director, UVA Breast Care Program
Division Director, Breast Imaging

BS, Zoology and Chemistry, Northern Arizona University
MD, University of Arizona, 1983
Residency, Diagnostic Radiology, University of Arizona

University of Virginia Hospital Medical Center
Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging
Box 800170
Charlottesville, VA 22908

(434) 924-9391

Research Interests

Mammographic breast density and its influence on breast cancer risk

Women with mammographically dense breast tissue are known to be at increased risk for breast cancer, regardless of hormone use. Breast density is a better predictor of breast cancer risk than serum cholesterol predicts risk of cardiovascular incidents. The increase in risk from increased breast density may be mediated through overactive aromatase converting steroids to estrogen within the breast tissue- a process that may be genetically mediated. Dr. Harvey’s work has focused on the histologic correlates of breast density and methods of measuring breast density.

UVA Mammography Project

In 2011, Dr. Harvey began work on a study designed to increase the ability to predict a woman’s risk for breast cancer based on her breast density. The study will include 4,000 women — 1,000 women with breast cancer and 3,000 healthy women.

This research, which is funded by the Department of Defense, aims to help create a risk model that personalizes breast cancer screening recommendations.

These personalized recommendations could change the way breast cancer screenings are performed. Some women may need more frequent mammograms or additional screening methods; others may need less frequent mammograms.

The objective is to have the breast density risk model built within three years. It will be tested nationally and then available for widespread use within six years.


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