Mobile Mammography Services

BusPhil6Mobile Mammography Services

Our Mobile Mammography program provides high quality digital mammograms to women in their workplace and/or community setting. The self-contained mammography unit can park at or near the site and perform mammography on 25 women in an 8-hour day. Special financial programs are available to assist in covering the costs of a mammogram. Please inquire about qualifying for these services.

The mammograms performed are for screening purposes only. Women who have a history of breast problems must have their studies (diagnostic mammogram) performed at the Breast Care Center located at the West Complex of the UVA Hospital in Charlottesville.

Mobile Mammography Process

Site visits are coordinated with staff at the business or community organization. Women schedule their appointments through the site coordinator. The coach parks at the site in a convenient location, minimizing time away from the job.

After entering the coach through a reception area, women are directed to the dressing room next to the mammography suite where they complete a brief breast history form. The mammogram is taken, the person dresses, and then returns to the reception area. Literature about breast health, breast cancer risks, importance of healthy life style, exercise and nutrition are available in the van.

Mammogram Results

A letter with the mammography screening results will be mailed within two weeks. A copy of the report will be sent to the woman’s family physician. If a follow up or more extensive breast imaging is needed, this will be indicated in the letter and the woman will be promptly contacted by the Breast Care Center staff to schedule an appointment.

Financial Assistance

Our Every Woman’s Life Program provides free screening for women who qualify based on income and age. For more information, contact Shannon Grady at 434.243.9782


For more about UVA Mobile Mammography: 434-243-4704