Former Participants

What Former Participants are Saying About the ProgramFormerParticipants1

For me, the IR program was about patient care. The bond I formed with patients, and having the
knowledge to help them get better is why I still love going to work every day. The long hours, and 3am calls, are all worth it. Love your patients, and you will love what you do.

–  Katie Simmons, 2014 Graduate

The knowledge, experience, and skill set that the program gives a technologist is unmatched. I not only have confidence in myself, but the doctors I work with every day have complete confidence in me.

–  Brian Sharpe, 2011 Graduate

The education provided by the school provides the RT with a superior knowledge of angiography; allowing them to be placed anywhere in the field and practice with the highest of standards. The schools commitment to focus on all aspects of the field sets everyone up for success. My career started in the hospital setting, and has transitioned into the industry side of the field. The IR
Program at UVa has allowed me to excel in both fields by providing me not only education, but through helping me to form the relationships and connections needed to transition and advance into new opportunities.

–  Andrew Lauffer, 2008 Graduate

Being able to train alongside technologists in an environment like UVA has made me a much better Interventional Radiologist. I learned so much about inventory and imaging techniques from our technologists. Additionally, the collegial, team oriented approach at UVa of Physicians, Nurses, and technologists working so closely together is the model I have tried to emulate in my own practice.

–  Chuck Gilliand, MD, Former IR Fellow