UVA Radiology Chief of Pediatric Imaging Dr. Reza Daugherty shows a finding to a resident at a workstation

The primary mode for resident education is on-the-job teaching at the PACS workstation during the sub-specialty rotations.

A core curriculum approach is applied in order to provide comprehensive coverage of important topics for resident training. This lecture/seminar schedule is on a two-year repeating basis.


Curriculum Highlights

Conferences are held three times per week at 7:15 am, and daily at 12:00 pm; these include grand rounds and visiting professors, joint ENT/Neuroradiology conference, Chairman’s teaching file conference, and radiologic-pathologic correlation conference

  • Upper-level residents deliver two resident conferences in the fourth year
  • Every resident attends the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) in the third year; tuition is provided
  • Physics is integrated into conferences as well as residents being assigned specific modules based on rotation
  • Interactive educational websites and software are available for independent learning

Each resident receives a General Allotment for the purchase of educational materials, and a separate travel fund for meetings.

Core Curriculum

Night Float

Resident Leadership Opportunities