Current Representatives

Fourth-Year Rep

UVA Radiology Diversity & Inclusion Representative Peter Duden, MD

Peter Duden, MD

Dr. Peter Duden attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for his undergraduate degree. He completed his medical school training at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis and his preliminary medicine year here at UVA.

Dr. Duden’s primary work in diversity and inclusion has been in the area of LGBTQ advocacy. After coming out as gay, he advocated for LGBTQ visibility throughout his undergraduate and medical training. He was a leader of the LGBTQ group UNITE in medical school and worked with the deans of the school to make the institution more LGBTQ-friendly. Dr. Duden is thrilled to live in a time of such movement in gay rights and acceptance but feels strongly that there is much more to be advocated for, such as federal protections for LGBTQ employees.

Dr. Duden hopes that UVA Radiology will continue to treat diversity and inclusion as a fundamental component of the department, and leave no doubt of its acceptance of all people coming together to help those in our community. He is particularly interested in proactive measures taken against events and policies that would undermine others with personal interest in LGBTQ issues.

Third-Year Rep

UVA Radiology resident Rabia IdreesRabia Idrees, MD

Dr. Rabia Idrees received both her undergraduate degree and medical degree from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. She completed her preliminary year in Internal Medicine at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, also in Washington, DC.

Being a woman and Muslim-American, Dr. Idrees encountered both racism and sexism at various stages of her medical career. As she embarked on her career in radiology, she noted a discrepancy between the percentage of female medical students nationally and the percentage that chose to pursue a career in radiology. In her own medical school class, Dr. Idrees was one of just two women out of ten students who applied to radiology. With this in mind, Dr. Idrees seeks to make UVA Radiology and Medical Imaging an inviting place for candidates of all backgrounds.

Dr. Idrees is proud to be a part of this much-needed initiative and hopes that UVA Radiology’s efforts in diversity and inclusion encourages similar initiative at other radiology departments throughout the nation.

Second-Year Rep

UVA Radiology Diversity & Inclusion Representative Daniel Phaedke, MDDaniel Phadke, MD

Dr. Daniel Phadke is from Denver, Colorado and Sydney, Australia. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama and his completed his medical training at the University of Virginia, where he also did an internship in General Surgery.

Diversity and multiculturalism have been integral to Dr. Phadke’s personal and professional development from an early age. Having had the opportunity to grow up and live in three different countries, each move allowed him to integrate into different cultures, interact with individuals of dramatically different backgrounds and acclimate to new locations. These experiences  undoubtedly shaped his worldview and have helped him appreciate the value of immersion within different cultures and peoples, and to understand the strengths that these experiences provide.

Dr. Phadke hopes to promote and foster a culture that values equity and inclusion within the Department of Radiology and the UVA medical community at large. He also wants to improve access and exposure to radiology education for underrepresented groups and encourage recruitment of a diverse set of residents that reflects the multicultural community we serve.

First-Year Rep

UVA Radiology Diversity & Inclusion Representative Olivia Richardson, MDOlivia Richardson, MD

Dr. Olivia Richardson received her doctorate in pharmacy from the South Carolina College of Pharmacy. She earned her medical degree at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, followed by her internship in General Surgery at the University of Louisville.

Dr. Richardson’s passion is directed towards empowering women as an advocate for women in healthcare. Throughout her medical journey, she has acquired first-hand experience of the benefits in breaking down the divisive and incontrovertible teachings that prevent growth, innovation and enhanced decision-making. For these reasons, Dr. Richardson has strived to pursue leadership roles to facilitate change that systematically promotes an environment of equity for all, lending itself to better outcomes.

Dr. Richardson is appreciative for the chance to serve as a diversity representative with the aims of continuing to promote and improve upon the existing and publicly acclaimed model here at UVA.

Former Representatives

Sukhdeep (Sukhi) Grewal, MD

Sukhdeep (Sukhi) Grewal, MD

Dr. Sukhdeep Grewal received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She earned her medical degree here at UVA School of Medicine and completed her internship in General Surgery at UVA as well.

Dr. Grewal chose to become a Diversity Representative with the goal of exposing more women and minorities to the field of Radiology. She hoped that the program would make UVA a place that would attract those who would otherwise not consider it a possibility. Through outreach and mentoring, she believes that the representatives’ efforts can change preconceived notions that hold people back from choosing a career in Radiology. She has tried to live her life with a uniquely defiant attitude toward culturally defined gender norms and believes this is the next step on that path.

She was grateful for the opportunity to be a more active participant within the realm of medicine as a Diversity Representative.


Siobhan Alexander, MD

Siobhan Alexander, MD

Dr. Siobhan Alexander received her undergraduate degree from The University of Florida and completed her medical school training at the University of Iowa. She then completed a transitional year internship at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI.

As the first African American female in the history of UVA’s radiology program, Dr. Alexander’s goal was to help make UVA a place that would attract more females, underrepresented minorities in medicine (URM), and LGBTQ physicians to choose UVA as their desired place for residency training. She was deeply invested in working with the medical school and undergraduate URM pre-medical students to develop mentorship opportunities and expose them to the incredible field of radiology earlier in their education. As a former medical student who participated in medical student groups geared toward those currently underrepresented in medicine, Dr. Alexander recognizes that having minority physician role models is extremely valuable in shaping one’s career, and she hoped to fulfill that role for others as a Diversity Representative.

Dr. Alexander is very grateful for Dr. de Lange’s generosity and awareness of the need for diversity within radiology to better serve our diverse patient population.


Mohammad Halaibeh, MD

Mohammad Halaibeh, MD

Dr. Mohammad Halaibeh attended Stony Brook University as an undergraduate, received his medical degree from Marshall University, and completed his surgical internship at UVA.

Dr. Halaibeh has had a strong interest in promoting justice and equality since his childhood. He was born in Jordan and lived there until July of 2001 when his parents sent him to the United States to live with his uncle. Two months later, on September 11th, the World Trade Center was attacked, and everything changed. As if having to learn English and being in an entirely new country and foreign culture were not enough, Dr. Halaibeh became the target of many racist comments and even physical assaults. From that point onward, he deeply understood the importance of being part of a community that is supportive of all peoples. Since then, he has made a commitment to promote diversity and inclusion wherever he can.

Dr. Halaibeh’s goal in being a Diversity Representative is to be a voice for social justice. His desire is not only to be an example of inclusion generally, but to encourage underrepresented minorities to specifically consider a career in the field of Radiology. His belief is that the quality of health care, patient satisfaction, and the health care work environment improve with a diverse care team.