Former Participants

Ally Baheti, MD

2015 – 2018

Dr. Aparna (Ally) Baheti completed her Radiology Residency at UVA in 2018. She went on to do her fellowship in Interventional Radiology at UVA as well.

“It was a privilege to watch the SBG Program grow and flourish during my time in it. I look forward to seeing how it continues to grow now that we have passed it on to the next group. The program is an extremely rewarding experience. I will value the relationships I formed with the MUST residents for the rest of my life.”

Connor Louden, MD

2015 – 2018

Dr. Connor Louden completed his Radiology Residency at UVA in 2018. He went on to do his fellowship in Neuroradiology at Emory University.

“What I enjoyed most about the SBG Program was actually getting to be on-site in Uganda, working with fellow radiologists across an ocean. Radiology is new to the field of Global Health, and it was such a valuable experience to take part in training radiology residents in an under-resourced area.”