Quality Corner, v2.1

This issue of Quality Corner addresses a new department initiative intended focus on quality issues where the ‘real work’ happens with Quality & Safety Rounds.


Quality and Safety Rounds

The Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging has developed an extensive program for Quality and Safety. We have a team that includes quality and safety officers and medical physicists. We monitor all aspects of Quality and Safety as portrayed on our website. These include physician and staff training and education to maintain the highest standards for patient care in a high quality safe environment as well as personal safety while in our department and Radiation Safety and Monitoring while experiencing your imaging study.

We have instituted a system of oversight for our many activities in the department with the recent addition of our Quality and Safety Rounds.

Our team visits various areas of our department on a bimonthly basis to evaluate for safety and quality and to receive feedback from our staff that we think will lead to continuous quality improvement as we address any ongoing processes and solve any issues that may arise.

We believe that our best resource for feedback comes from our patients and staff who have direct contact daily and this allows us to develop a robust sense of teamwork and collaboration throughout our department that should lead us all to the highest quality patient care and experience.

Dimensions of Care relating to Performance Indicators in Radiology

Dimension of Care Performance Indicators

Patient safety Patient falls, contrast material reactions and extravasations, minor and major procedural complications, physician compliance with hand-washing requirements, compliance with preprocedure time-outs, verification and documentation of patient identification, radiation dose reduction at CT.

Effectiveness Outcomes measures for procedures (eg, biopsy), appropriateness of imaging studies,positive predictive rates for modalities, physician performance assessment and peer review.

Efficiency Reduction of unnecessary studies, number of technologists per scanner, scanner utilization,scanning room turnaround time, equipment downtime for maintenance.

Patient-centeredness Patient satisfaction surveys, analysis and management of customer complaints, communication and follow-up of abnormal results.

Timeliness Report turnaround time, time to next available appointment, interventional suite turnaround time, patient throughput in CT scanner, patient wait times, sample delivery times to pathology laboratory.

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