Quality Corner, v2.2

This edition of Quality Corner discusses how we evaluate and monitor the consistency and quality of service provided here 24×7.


Evaluating Resident and Faculty Accuracy

The University of Virginia Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging has as a robust process for evaluation of our resident and faculty accuracy in imaging diagnosis. With our training program, we are able to provide multiple viewpoints of observation and monitoring for our patients and their imaging studies every day of the week 24/7 and therefore increasing our diagnostic accuracy for the highest quality of care and patient safety.

We understand that any complex process such as medical imaging will have some discrepancies in interpretation among our imaging team and therefore we have a robust program to monitor these discrepancies in a timely fashion to assure Patient Safety.

We report and review all significant changes from our Emergency Department studies in a timely fashion in order to assure that there will be no adverse event for our patients.

We have identified “5 Critical Diagnoses” (MR Neurological/CTPA for Pulmonary Embolus/CT Head  R/O SDH/CT Thoracic or Abdominal for Dissecting or Ruptured Aneurysm/ CT for Appendicitis)-Residents have been asked to have at least two residents(at least one senior resident) review the cases.

We have multiple levels of Radiologists available 24/7 for second opinions and escalation of care.


How we do it

We have generated an email “ImageQA” email site for our referring physicians to share anything related to imaging that may affect patient care and safety. This site is monitored daily by our Quality and Safety Team and issues are resolved in a timely fashion.

We have developed “RadQA” as a 24/7 system reporting of all clinically significant findings changed between Resident and Attending Physician as well as technical acquisition issues,  near-miss opportunities, and information technology issues affecting turnaround time and throughput.

QA Conference-monthly presentation of discrepant cases or cases with educational value-mandatory attendance by trainees and faculty.

QA Department collates all cases and provides feedback to divisions for educational opportunities for both faculty and trainees.

Monthly Departmental Quality Officer random audit of approximately 25% of the CT/MR ED cases 7pm-7am Monday-Sunday to evaluate for significant change in interpretation between resident preliminary and resident/attending physician final report. This will assist to identify and educate colleagues on the use of RADQA and also capture as many significant changes as possible for educational opportunities.