Rates as of September 1, 2016, subject to change

Service University of Virginia user fees Outside user fees
Paraffin Embedding $4.40/block $7.11/block
Paraffin Sectioning/slide $3.30/slide $5.33/slide
Sectioning under special circumstances/hour $13.00/hour
Frozen Sectioning/slide $7.00/slide $11.31/slide
Slide box $5.00
Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining $3.30/slide $5.33/slide
Special Stains
Safranin O stain $7.50/slide $12.11/slide
Aldehyde Fuchsin stain $9.00/slide $14.54/slide
Giemsa stain $10.00/slide $16.15/slide
PAS stain $7.50/slide $12.11/slide
Gomori’s Trichrome stain $9.00/slide $14.54/slide
Oil Red O $10.00/slide $16.15/slide
Masson’s Trichrome stain $7.70/slide $12.44/slide
Picrosirius Red stain $8.00/slide $12.92/slide
Toluidine Blue $10.00/slide $16.15/slide