Studies for Women

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Studies for Women

Current Study: 

Determining the rapidity with which exogenous progesterone suppresses daytime LH (GnRH) pulse frequency in women during follicular phase of menstrual cycle  (IRB-HSR # 13368)

The goal is to learn how progesterone acutely changes luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion and whether this is different in women with PCOS compared to women without PCOS. We are currently recruiting women with PCOS, 18-35 years old, with a BMI < 40 kg/m2. Participants must not have taken contraceptive pills or hormonal medications for 3 months prior to the study. This study requires 3 brief outpatient visits and two 26-hour (overnight) admissions (6pm-8pm). Participants will take an oral dose of progesterone or placebo during the overnight admissions. Participants will wear estrogen patches for 3 days before (and during) the overnight admissions. Compensation is $300 for completion.

Contact Melissa Gilrain at or (434) 243-6911 for more information.