Be Smart

SOM Be SMART! Program – Executive Summary

Basis for Action

Oars-in-the-water-working-together-BeSmart-ProgramThe world in which the academic medical center operates is changing in fundamental ways simultaneously across its three main missions. The trend toward team-based learning, team-based science, and team-based care delivery require a fundamental change in the way that we deliver the services that support the missions. In order to achieve our strategic objectives and fulfill the promise of our tripartite mission, we need to transform our operations, increasing their value, quality, and responsiveness. While we do not provide patient care directly, we support those who do, and those who will. We support faculty and staff in their commitment to advance education, research, and clinical missions. To ensure that our administrative services focus on what’s important to its customers, we intend to deploy Lean to support this transformation and introduce a culture of continuous improvement. This action is essential to realize our ultimate benefits for patients, those we place at the center of everything we do.


Develop and implement an organizational excellence program, Be SMART! that builds the foundation for establishing and strengthening a culture of continuous improvement within the School of Medicine, Dean’s Office administrative areas, such as HR, Finance, IT, Space Management, Medical Education, and Research Administration, ultimately resulting in a solid approach for a school-wide implementation.


The ‘Be SMART!’ program will deliver value through three products: Education, Projects Execution, and Process Documentation. Within each of these areas: the program will encourage the adoption of continuous improvement by focusing on value-added activities, as defined by the customer and aligned with the school’s mission and vision. It will provide team members with Lean fundamental knowledge that will be utilized to identify wasteful activities and reduce the amount of time and energy required to accomplish work, thereby improving team members’ efficiency, productivity, and engagement. The program will invite team members to identify opportunities for improvement, which will be reviewed and selected for a project execution. It will establish expectations that support consistency and sustainment of process performance. It will highlight the importance of documenting and maintaining standard policies and procedures that will be utilized in both every-day execution and for training purposes. The development and implementation of the products will follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act continuous improvement cycle.

Main Benefits

Improved customer service, improved quality, capacity creation, reduced cycle/lead time, higher team member engagement, standard documentation, meaningful metrics to gauge performance execution and improvement