Center Directors and Administrators

School of Medicine Centers

Cancer CenterThomas P. Loughran, Jr., MD (tl7cs)Mindy Borszich (mcb3x)434-243-9926800334Dina Halme (dgh8a)434-924-8366
Beirne B. Carter Center for Immunology Research
Coleen A. McNamara, MD (cam8c)Shawn Wood (sww2p)434-924-9233
801386Paul W. Orange (pwo2c)434-243-9442
Center for Diabetes TechnologyBoris Kovatchev, PhD (bpk2u)vacant434-924-8656800623Harry Mitchell (hgm7s)434-924-5130
Center for Membrane and Cell PhysiologyLukas K. Tamm, PhD (lkt2e)Jennifer Nickerson-Hoffman (jcn6f)434-243-0817800866Pamela Acker (pan3f)434-982-0830
Center for Public Health GenomicsStephen S. Rich, PhD (ssr4n)434-982-3228800717Armando Bolmey (alb9b)434-924-8513
Paul Mellon Prostate Cancer Research InstitutevacantGary L. Davis, Ph.D. (gld4n)434-243-7215800422Teresa L. Morris (tlm8g)434-982-6279
Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research CenterGary K. Owens, PhD (gko)Mary Thomas (mt3kx)434-924-1811801394Paul W. Orange (pwo2c)434-243-9442

Department and Institutional Centers

Asthma and Allergic Disease Center
Thomas A. E. Platts-Mills, MD, PhD (tap2z)Anna Byfield (ab3fq)434-924-5917801355Robert Young (by2p)434-924-5688
Center for Biomedical Ethics & HumanitiesDaniel M. Becker, MD (dmb2y)Charlene Kaufman (cmk2b)434-924-5974800758Carrie Gumm _(cg2b)434-924-5695
Center for Cell Signaling
David L.ÊBrautigan, PhD (db8g)Patricia James (pap2k)434-924-5892800577Liz Hupp (ehh2e)434-924-1947
Center for Global Health
Rebecca Dillingham, MD, MPH (rd8v)Russell Smith (rfs5b)434-924-5242801379Elizabeth (Liz) Olmsted (ewo6p)434-924-9673
Center for Research in Reproduction
John C. Marshall, MD, PhD (jcm9h)Hillary Panzer (hbp3d)434-924-2431800391Lori Tawney (llt6n)434-924-1807
Center of Clinical Toxicology
(Emergency Medicine)
Christopher P. Holstege, MD (ch2xf)Heather Collier (hlc8e)434-924-5185800774Kathleen Acevedo (kc4n)434-924-5447
Comprehensive Stroke Center
E. Clarke Haley, MD (ech)Pam Buck (pb6f)434-924-8371800394Rebecca Lewis (rlr6r)434-924-9926
International Health Care Worker Safety Center
Janine C. Jagger, PhD, MPH_(jcj)434-924-5159800764Susan Hughes (scc2v)434-924-5159
Myles H. Thaler Center for AIDS and Human Retrovirus Research
David M.ÊRekosh, PhD (dr4u)Eileen Trainum (et5y)434-982-1597800734Liz H. Hupp (ehh2e)434-924-1947

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