Faculty Policies

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stackOfFilesFaculty in the School of Medicine are guided by policies at the departmental, School, and University levels.

  1. Faculty should first confirm whether or not their department has a policy related to the issue at hand.
  2. If there is no departmental policy, then check the School of Medicine Administration and Research Policies.
  3. If there is no applicable School of Medicine policy, faculty should check the University faculty policies on the provost’s website.
  4. Health System policies can be found in the Health System Policy Respository.

Faculty with questions should contact their department administrator first, or, if additional assistance is needed, the dean’s office chief of staff (434-924-9224).

Other Important University Policies and Documents

School of Medicine Policies
Use of the Rotunda
Use of the University’s Federally Registered Trademark (Executive VP and COO)
Use of University IT Resources (VP Student Affairs)