School of Medicine Policies

School of Medicine Bylaws

School of Medicine Code of Conduct

Section 1: Administrative Policies and Guidelines

1.100. Creating Centers, Institutes, or Programs
1.110. Center Reviews
1.200. Faculty Time Away for Professional Activities
1.410. Supplemental Payments for Administrative Appointments
1.411. Faculty Appointments to Administrative Positions
1.412. Responsibilities of Department Chairs
1 .413. Administrative Review and Reappointment of Department Chairs or SOM Center Directors
1.430. Required HIPAA Privacy Training
1.431. Violations of Confidentiality
1.450. Occupational Health Screening and Maintenance
1.510. Access to Gift Accounts by Retired Faculty
1.511. Use of Discretionary Account Balances
1.520. Disposition of Institutional Support Balances upon Faculty Resignation
1.525. Assessment of Gifts to the School of Medicine
1.600. Offering Sign-On and Retention Bonus Payments to Faculty
1.610. Quarterly Payment of Clinical Faculty Incentives
1.620. Basic Science Incentive Plan (BSIP)
1.630. Clinical Faculty Remuneration Policy
1.640. Salary Support Expectations for Faculty
1.650. School of Medicine Faculty Compensation Policy
1.700. Appointment of Non-Student Fellows
1.800. Research Reassignments and Educational Leave
1.810. Faculty and Executive and Senior Administrative University Staff Resignation and Retirement Notice
1.850. Loss of Clinical Privileges; Suspension of Employment and Pay
1.900. Promotion and Tenure Policy
1.905. Appointment, Review, and Renewal of Endowed Professorships in the School of Medicine
Funding Commitments to Departments and Centers (guidelines)

Section 2: Research Policies and Guidelines

2.000. External Consulting and Professional Activities
2.100. Human Gene Transfer Research
2.101. Serious Adverse Event Reporting Form
2.200. Payments for Referring or Enrolling Patients in Clinical Trials
2.300. Volunteers in Research
2.400. F&A (Indirect Cost) Distribution Percentage Allocations for Departments and Centers
2.410. Transfer of Research Equipment from SOM
2.500. Standards for Laboratory and Computational Space Use
2.510. Administration of Multiple-Investigator Awards
2.600. Endorsement of External Entities and Products
2.700. Authorship of Scholarly Publications
2.800. Timely Submission of Grant Proposals and Related Documents
Bridge Funding for Dean’s Office Direct Reports (guidelines)
Support for Training Grant Proposals (guidelines)

Section 3: General Policies and Guidelines

3.200. Email Mass Distribution
Health System Policies

Section 4: Education Policies and Guidelines

4.000. Commitment to Diversity
4.100. Digital Learning Environment and Educational Materials
4.200. Student Mistreatment and Other Unacceptable Behaviors
4.300. Preparation of GME Trainees, Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows
and Non-Faculty Instructors
4.400. Continuous Quality Improvement for the Program Leading to the MD Degree
4.500. Students Volunteering at Healthcare Events