Medical Student Advocacy Committee – Procedures

Medical Student Advocacy Committee Procedures – PDF


Donna Chen, M.D., M.P.H. (Psychiatry and Public Health Sciences)

Committee Members

  • Madison Aspiri (SMD 2018)
  • Michaela Banks (SMD 2019)
  • Robert Boyle, M.D. (Pediatrics)
  • Elizabeth Bradley, Ph.D. (Director of Curriculum Evaluation)
  • Madeline Carmain (SMD 2019)
  • Diane Farineau (Director of the Graduate Medical Education Office)
  • Timothy Herberg (SMD 2018)
  • John Jane, Jr., M.D. (Neurosurgery), — Vice-Chair
  • Taylor Jones (SMD 2019)
  • Kayla Karvonen (SMD 2017)
  • Monica Melmer (SMD 2017)
  • Patrick Melmer (SMD 2017)
  • Rose Monahan (SMD 2018)
  • Sara Rasmussen, M.D. (Surgery)
  • Emily Richardson (SMD 2017)
  • Abbey Stokely (SMD 2018)
  • Lesley Thomas, J.D. (Assistant Dean for Medical Education)
  • Connor Wang (SMD 2019)
  • Stephen Wolf, M.D. (Emergency Medicine)

About the Committee

The committee is chaired by a physician with recent or current clinical experience. Also serving on the committee is a clinician Vice Chair and three additional clinical faculty members. The Assistant Dean for Medical Education, the curriculum Director of Evaluation and the Director of the GME Office are ex officio members. Four medical students from each class serve on the committee – two are elected by their class in the first year and two are elected prior to the start of clerkships.