Mini-Medical School at the Moore Lab – 10/3/18

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Our lab had the exciting opportunity to host members of the Charlottesville/Albemarle community for a visit to the lab as part of the Mini-Medical School here at the University of Virginia. This presented us with an occasion to communicate and share our work with our fellow members of the community. With Dr. Sean Moore hosting and guiding the visitors around the lab, we had Dr. Marium Khan present Dr. Syed’s and her research on using artificial intelligence in Gastroenterology, Dr. Dan Levin and Dr. Arabinda Mandal presented their work on tissue engineering, Dr. Ajay Kumar spoke about his work on Salmonella infections and their relation to the time of the day, and Dr. Jibraan Fawad spoke about his work with the interaction of the microbiome with the circadian clock in the gut. Dr. Moore then summarized and discussed the role of the lab’s research in trying to improve pediatric gut health in children here in Virginia as well as all over the world. We hope to keep interacting with the community and showing the interesting work we have been doing here!



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