Moore Lab Attends the Freston Conference in Washington, D.C. in October

October 26, 2022 by   |   Leave a Comment

After many months of safety precautions due to COVID-19, the Gastroenterology and related organoid community reassembled in early October at the Freston Conference, hosted at the Madison Hotel in wonderful D.C. 

Attendee and Moore lab Post-Doc Deiziane Viana was invited to give a presentation on S. typhimurium infection and circadian rhythm, while staff scientist Arabinda Mandal presented in a poster session on isolated Neurospheres and characteristics from the LMMP (longitudinal muscle myenteric plexus). 

In their free time, the lab experienced the National Harbor Ferris Wheel (with a sunset), The Smithsonian Natural History Museum, and authentic Sichuan cuisine at Panda Gourmet. 

The insights and techniques brought back will add layers of value to the current ‘Organ on a Chip’ method as well as current developing methods for high throughput/high content organoid screening protocols. Thanks to all the members of the community who were responsible for adding this value in their attendance and participation! #Gastrosquad



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