Discover Medicine Temp


Faculty Advisors: Dr. Moyer and Dr. Bloodgood
This portion of the program will include overview of
various body systems such as cardiovascular, pulmonary, MSK, and GI.
We cover anatomy, histology, and students get to do
various hands-on procedures such as ultrasound, suturing, and knot tying.
They will occur every other month (Sept, Nov, Jan, March). During these days, students go through skills workshops such as Resume, Personal Statement, College Applications.


Faculty Advisors: Dr. Redus-McCoy, Dr. Reed

Each student will be able to shadow a physician every other month to gain a better
understanding of what a physician does. On shadowing days, They also get tours of various areas in the hospital.


Mentorship plays a big role in medicine. Good mentoring can be critical in enabling
individuals for successfully not only entering the medical field but also thrive once there
Each student will thus be provided with two mentors: one medical student and one physician.
We believe that having two mentors at such different stages in medicine will enable
students to have all their questions answered.


This portion of the program will be divided in two: an individual and a group project
Both projects are due at the end of the program in May.
Each participant will be responsible to do an individual project on the topic of their
choice. For the project, the participant will research a certain aspect (etiology,
pathogenesis, management) of a disorder that they have encountered at some point
during their shadowing.

Community Service

As part of the program, students are required to do 5 hours of community service each