Exercise Philosphy

The SPEED Clinic Approach:

The proper selection and performance of exercise continues to gain popularity for athletes in all sports.  The reason is simple: when done correctly, good training reduces the risk of injury and improves performance.  Through years of learning, lifting, and coaching, we’ve distilled our approach to what works:

  1. Ground-based movements using simple equipment;
  2. Exercise selection which follows the “joint-by-joint” approach;
  3. Improving mobility before challenging stability; and
  4. Using exercise to improve proprioception.

Coaching Methodology:

Many people get too caught up in fancy machines or trying to mimic the exact movements of the golf swing in a weighted exercise. This approach will not only impair the correct muscle coordination patterns, but might place undue stress on key areas like the lumbar spine.

For example, golfers need strong hamstrings. However, a hamstring curl machine does not provide the proper context of the athletic use of hamstrings within ground-based human movement.  In other words, your new-found strength won’t apply to your sport. Moreover, the directive to simply lift a weight on a fixed-axis machine allows for unsafe compensations by arching the lumbar spine or the neck.  Practicing flexing the knees while simultaneously extending the spine is not conducive to staying healthy or improving you golf swing.  While it may not look like golf, a proper deadlift or kettlebell swing is far more appropriate for what your body needs to be athletic.

We believe there are choices and coaching that can improve applicable strength while safely challenging the core stability needed to integrate moving parts into greater horsepower.  To do that requires your attention, our expertise, and but a few pieces of equipment.  In this manner we can provide you tools to improve how you look, feel, and move.