A rapid increase in symptoms (acute), including pain, should be first addressed by your physician who will determine the need for diagnostic tests and appropriate treatment. Moreover, pain can change movement and movement can change pain.  We will not be able to complete a thorough assessment of your movement in the presence of acute pain.

Physicians establish diagnoses and prescribe treatments. Physical Therapists assist injured individuals by either increasing musculoskeletal dynamic control or by reversing soft tissue limitations that decreases symptoms and enhances tissue function. However, chronic symptoms that do not resolve with physical therapy, can cause long term limitations to tissue healing and negatively affect peak athletic performance. Furthermore, the source of chronic symptoms varies significantly based on diverse training schedules, individual structural alignment, and sport specific techniques. Following assessments, our qualified staff is able to pinpoint individual differences in biomechanical properties that address the root of your chronic symptoms. Your physician or physical therapist may then use the information derived from our assessment and the recommended functional interventions to ensure a comprehensive approach to healing and more importantly, prevent recurrence of your symptoms.

We often assess individuals at the SPEED Clinic who are not responding to common treatments. Most overuse injuries are caused by subtle musculoskeletal imbalances that become magnified following “high volume” training and are frequently difficult to assess in clinical environments. Understandably, physicians are not optimally equipped to identify these roots of musculoskeletal problems. Rest, prescription drugs, and physical therapy can help alleviate symptoms. However, resumption of training frequently unmasks tissue imbalance and symptoms recur. Our attention to detail regarding the root of your problem allows us to correct the subtle musculoskeletal imbalances to help prevent injury recurrence.

Several individuals do not benefit from physical therapy programs because of poor exercise techniques or the exercises only address your symptoms. The key to our successful exercise prescription program is 1) the recognition of individual differences and limitations in strength and flexibility, and 2) the ability to identify the movement-based causes of your individual situation.  By pinpointing your individual movement characteristics, we are able to make specific recommendations to enhance your exercise technique that ensures functional gains during healing. We also spend extra time to ensure that you are provided with detailed technique cues that you can integrate into sport specific training.

No. Contrary to common belief, stretching injured tissue “lifelong” without a specific limitation does not increase performance or decrease the propensity for recurrent injury. Our goal is to provide you with an exercise program that corrects the specific, restricted movement pattern. The total duration of exercise programs varies between individuals, but you should notice a difference in a few days to a couple weeks. As your muscles develop new “memory” for correct movement patterns and specific limitations are reversed, the need for repetitive exercise to correct the underlying limitation will decrease. As a result, you will be able to train more efficiently and your athletic performance will improve. Our goal is to help you be a better athlete, not just to make a “better stretcher.”

Yes!  Examining performance variables allows us to distinguish alterations in force transfer throughout your body. No matter what your sport is, these variables are directly correlated to efficiency of movement.  Greater efficiency  = better performance and better focus.

Each individual has talent and untapped potential for improvement. We welcome everybody. Thus far, we have assessed individuals with diverse athletic abilities – from a mother of four children to world class athletes. Individuals have come to our clinic from a mile away to several thousands of miles away. We understand that each athlete has specific goals and our mission is to do our best to help you achieve your individual goals. Athletic ability and level may vary between our clients, yet the service provided to all individuals is the same.

Typically, in a single session, we are able to perform a comprehensive assessment and provide you with a detailed overview of potential musculoskeletal imbalances and problems. We have received positive feedback from hundreds of individuals.  They have been able to effectively utilize information we provided following their assessments and importantly, have adequately implemented recommended exercise programs as part of their daily routine.  As a result, several individuals have noted improvements in symptoms, enhanced training regimens, and marked improvements in athletic performance following just one session.  However, individuals have also returned for additional assessments to obtain objective measures of change following the implementation of our exercise recommendations.  We are able to utilize baseline data from the initial session to make comparisons. The “follow-up” session is billed as an additional session.

Additional Questions?

If you have a more specific question, please have a look at our Golf FAQ or Running FAQ pages.