Golf FAQ

Specific FAQs

All golfers are encouraged to be cleared by their physicians to participate in moderate exercise.  Think along the lines of walking up a moderate hill as the most strenuous level of activity we might ask of you.  

Video analysis has merits but the true movement of joints in space are often masked by slow frame rates, insufficient camera angles, clothing, etc.  Our technology at 500 frames per second does not miss anything from any angle.  Moreover, we can deliver an assessment of your joint movements synchronized with weight shift and specific joint torques.  To our knowledge, this level of analysis is not available anywhere else.

Our goal is not to put you on video, draw a couple lines through your shoulders and ask you to swing like Tiger Woods so the lines all look parallel.  Very few people are physically capable of achieving such positions.  More importantly, peer-reviewed scientific research suggests focusing on specific positions is detrimental to your ability to focus on releasing stored energy to the target.  In other words, asking you to swing with same shoulder lines as Tiger Woods may not only be physically inappropriate, it can distract you from the true path to improvement.

  • 3D Golf Total Performance: $600
  • Comprehensive Golf Analysis with GRF & COP: $325
  • Live Video Consultation: $200

Since we have to adhere reflective markers to a good portion of your body, bring:

  1. Shorts, preferably not below the knee
  2. Ankle or low-cut socks
  3. Your own shoes and clubs
  4. Gentlemen, expect to swing shirtless; ladies wear a spandex or other tight-fitting top
  5. Minimize reflective clothing/shoe material

Please note the markers may stick to body hair, and removal of markers at the end of the session is much like taking off a band-aid.  There is on-site access to a changing area and shower.  The main benefit of our complete analysis is the ability to figure out where inefficiencies lie and give you immediate, on-site solutions.  So please come prepared for at least a little exercise.  We’re not going for all-out workouts here but expect some work to be done in your visit.  All clients are encouraged to consult with their physician for approval for moderate exercise.

We capture your swing with your club of choice (most people choose their driver) with an option to capture additional clubs.

Yes!  Short game swings and strokes make up well over 50% of your shots in a round.  The #1 key to a good short game is solid contact.  Without that, your distance control will never be optimized.  Our sophisticated technology can detect what’s holding you back from solid contact.  Not only that, but there are simple physical and mental solutions that can improve your results.  We have the ability to analyze chips, pitches, putts, and full swings.  Currently, our indoor camera set-up does not allow bunker analysis.  However, we’re confident that our expertise in swing and mental coaching can also improve this part of your game.

Not necessarily.  There is no direct link between muscle strength and actually hitting the ball farther.  It depends how much strength you can apply to the club.  Our services center around improving how much force you can consistently apply to the golf club.

Tightness is a muscle response to compensation.  Therefore, your golf swing can affect your tightness and vice versa.  Exercise alone probably won’t entirely address your specific needs.  Our services examine many elements to deliver the most effective and least invasive approach.   Our approach helps you prevent injuries and improve performance.

Conventional practice in golf fitness is such that the “workout program” does not consider the specific needs of each golfer’s ideal technique.  In our lab, we are best at analyzing exactly what the golfer needs in terms of achieving both body health and playing better golf.  For you, that may mean more stretching or more strength exercises, but not necessarily.  We are able to customize our program to fit your individual needs because our analysis is thorough. When you come in, we will go through steps to carefully assess what you need and then plan accordingly.  In other words, your regimen will be different from any other golfers of your age.

We are committed to long-term improvement in your game.  Visiting us for 3 hours and going home with nothing but a list of drills and thoughts is not good enough.  Therefore, we are developing a system whereby you can have encrypted access to your specific exercises, drills and mental approaches.  These videos, pictures, and texts can be downloaded to your mobile device.  You’ll have access to them anywhere, even on the driving range!  And by downloading them you’ll not have to worry about streaming data usage.

If you are open-minded and diligent about your “homework,” we expect to see meaningful results within a couple weeks.  But our commitment to your satisfaction does not end there. We can supply you with progressions for each exercise and drill to upgrade the challenge and hopefully the results.