The SPEED Clinic Method:

Visiting the SPEED Clinic is an all-encompassing experience, full of knowledge and discovery. Offering both running and golf services with customized training programs, we strive to give anyone who comes to see us the tools to reach their maximum potential.

  • Our 3-D Golf Program uses comprehensive data collection, complete with a musculoskeletal screen, kinetic and kinematic data, as well as ball flight data to give golfers the most data on their swing characteristics. A Comprehensive Golf Analysis with ground reaction forces (GRF) and Center of Presure (CoP) version of this program is also available. Please see our Golf page for more information.
  • Our 3-D Gait Analysis Program allows uses an Objective Assessment Model to figure out how and why your body moves the way it does. We combine musculoskeletal screens with kinematic and kinetic data to help runners improve speed and prevent injury. We can provide coaches with meaningful data that they can use to adequately tailor “individual” training programs. Please see our Running page for more information.