Coaches understand that each athlete has a unique body, different training habits, and individual goals. They frequently benefit from objective feedback which they can use to adequately tailor “individual” training programs and swing thoughts. We are able to provide coaches with meaningful data from our objective, research driven, biomechanical assessments. Furthermore, we are able to make recommendations to help correct faulty biomechanical techniques that will positively transform muscle efficiency, enhance training, and make significant differences to the health, safety, and peak athletic performance of both elite and recreational athletes.

For Running Coaches:

Under of the leadership of our Department Chair Dr. Robert Wilder, the SPEED Clinic is geared to be one of the worlds’ finest gait labs. Equipped with cutting edge motion analysis instruments, our qualified staff provides unique biomechanical assessments.

In typical motion analysis laboratories, it is difficult to capture multi-stride force data during simulated steady state running. Outdoor tracks that have embedded force plates are ideal, yet require significant “set-up” and need to be carefully calibrated each time data is collected because of environmental changes. Moreover, traditional gait labs feature only stationary force platforms that measures Kinetic or force data, which examines the loading of joints – unique to each individuals’ gait. Although our lab employs these traditional stationary force plates, we also employ a unique force plate treadmill for gait analysis. Our facility features one of only 2 custom designed instrumented treadmills, worldwide, that facilitates capture of multi-stride force data either at training or competition velocity.

Furthermore, in contrast to gait labs that use only motion capture systems to assess range of motion (Kinematics), our SPEED Clinic is currently one of just four facilities in the USA that is able to simultaneously capture and assess multi-stride force data (Kinetics) at 500 times per second.. As a result, we are able to thoroughly understand joint mechanics during movement and obtain objective data which has meaningful implications for your athlete.

Following the gait assessment, we provide you with immediate, objective feedback that allows you to integrate the information into to the training cycle sooner than later.  We provide you with a clear, functional interpretation of data and figures, and a concise list of problems, exercises, and gait cueing techniques. And finally, we recommend exercises to help remediate defective biomechanical parameters that can potentially limit training, athletic performance, and cause repetitive injury in your athletes.

For Golf Coaches:

In typical motion analysis laboratories, it is difficult to capture the true movements of all joints in the golf swing.  Standard video equipment does not get the job done here.  Our SPEED Clinic is able to simultaneously capture and assess force data (Kinetics) 500 times per second.  As a result, we are able to figure out how your joint movements are sequenced with your weight shift throughout the swing.  This tells us not only the stresses on your joints, but when in the swing those stresses occur, and what movement limitations may be involved.  This is the key piece that unlocks the puzzle!  We are able to objectively assess if your golfer is capable of adopting certain swing changes, or reducing the risk of their injury.

Our unique assessments are able to provide you and your students a wealth of information on how they move and where they can gain efficiency in their swings.  Our goal is not to supersede your instruction or plan for a student, but rather to work with you.