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Golf is the ultimate test of focus, confidence, patience, balance, and muscle coordination.  Yes, you read that right…golf is an athletic endeavor.  And the essence of coordination is providing dynamic stability to support the golfer’s timing.  Luckily for us, our central nervous system is a remarkable computer which is able to sequence literally thousands of motor units into a beautiful, powerful swing.  It’s amazing how our brains work to integrate the software (“movement patterns”) and hardware (musculoskeletal system).

We’ve all heard about being in “the zone”: the game can be much easier if we just get out of the way and let the body take its role in striking the ball.  However, inadequate posture, balance, or stability in our bodies perturbs the sensory and muscle information the brain uses to create a balanced, powerful swing.  In other words, a physical limitation makes it much harder for us to just focus on the game.  These afferent and efferent disruptions will not only impair focus, but due to compensatory movement patterns, it reduces swing efficiency/speed, and sets us up for an injury.  Toss in 12 random swing thoughts about each stage of the golf swing and we have a recipe for disappointment.


Comprehensive Data Collection

Research-grade technology for accurate swing data collection is the basic requirement of any program.

There are four key components which we integrate to identify the essential pieces in your swing motion:

  • Musculoskeletal screen:
  • We examine how you move in several simple tasks.  This tells us how the hardware and software are working.
  • Kinematic Data:
  • Kinematics are the motions of each joint throughout your swing.

  • Kinetic Data:
  • Kinetics are the forces that act on those joints.
  • Ball-flight Data:
  • We identify performance gaps by assessing your ball-flight tendencies


Individualized Approach: Comprehensive Analysis

Modern technology has allowed golfers access to increased data on their swing characteristics.  However, it takes expertise to find deeper meaning within the many numbers and data points.

We recognize that each individual possesses a unique combination of physiological attributes including joint mobility/flexibility, dynamic muscle control, and motor recruitment patterns. Based on these parameters, we recognize each individual has a unique biomechanical footprint.

There are “mass-marketed” programs readily available to the public, but they often miss out on a meaningful progress.  Such programs use a “cookbook approach”, which only requires assembling ready-made exercises.  For example, they assume that a “lack of turn” is due to lack of flexibility.  Typically, a strength staff will only look at the person’s body function/strength, and assume that a solution appropriate for one player works for everyone else.  We have a good number of examples where this is simply not true.  In other words, we combine our expertise to formulate a completely customized plan for each player.

One example is the ball flight result of a highly-recruited Division-I female golfer.  The one at the top is before and below it is after the “mass-marketed” workout.  Due to the result of the cookbook approach, the player’s swing has automatically changed, which resulted in an undesirable​ ball-flight (shorter distance and much wider dispersion).

Results: Solutions that Translate

Without taking into account each player’s varying components (i.e., anatomy and technique goal), a conventional program may or may not have a positive effect on scoring. Changing one joint will change the other 359 joints of the body, which will inevitably result in a swing change. How the body change results in terms of what the coach wants is never accounted for in any workout program. Any “body-improvement” should translate to the ultimate and specific goal. Otherwise, it’s not an improvement. That is why our roles are inseparable and we insist on golf analysis as a component of performance training. Our goal is to facilitate your goal.  If you need the player to create a left to right ball flight with their irons, we create a program allowing their body to do so. Though the payoff can be greater, both coaches and players have to understand and commit to the training approach. We recognize it’s unusual because the golf industry does not operate this way. However, we have numerous examples to validate our approach:

After Analysis & Intervention

Before Analysis & Intervention


Golf Services:

  • 3D Golf Total Performance
  • Comprehensive Golf Analysis with GRF & COP
  • Live Video Consultation


Each analysis includes a comprehensive report of exercises and recommendations.

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**Extended training programs are also available.