Services Offered

Contact under COMRunning:

  • 3D Gait Total Performance
  • RunWell (2D Gait Performance Program)

Additional Services:

  • Running Lactate Threshold
  • Running follow-up (1 skype or video session)


  • 3D Golf Total Performance
  • GolfWell (2D Golf Performance Program)

Additional Services:

  • Biomechanical Golf Consultation
  • Additional club
  • Golf follow-up (1 skype or video session)

Overhead/Racquet Athlete:

  • 3D Evaluation with Exercise Program
  • 2D Evaluation with Exercise Program
  • Eval follow-up (1 skype or video session)


Each analysis will be accompanied by drills, exercises, and recommendations you can take home with you.

*Please contact us for information regarding pricing or for additional general information. Many questions can be answered on our FAQ page.

**Extended training programs are also available, please contact us for more information.