Eric Magrum, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT at UVA-Healthsouth Outpatient Sports Medicine Center works in concert with the Center for Endurance Sport to provide Physical Therapy services to the athletes that been evaluated through the SPEED clinic to provide additional treatment of the biomechanical dysfunction limiting their performance goals, preventing injury, or rehabilitate  from an injury.  Through communication with the Center for Endurance Sport clinicians and engineers, and utilization of the kinematic and kinetic data gathered, we can assist with addressing the source of the problem.

We take an approach of integrating the best available clinical research evidence with a three tiered: Education, Manual Therapy, Exercise approach to meeting your functional running goals.  Education is a key component of the treatment approach; it is essential that you understand the cause of the biomechanical dysfunction.  Manual Therapy by a fellowship trained, board certified orthopedic specialist is many times a key component to addressing the muscle imbalances associated with the dysfunction.  If you have limited ankle mobility from an old injury with compensatory movement into subtalar pronation; all the calf stretching in the world may just not be enough to restore the normal mobility of the ankle joint.  Exercise with the goal of neuromuscular reeducation, learning a more efficient way to move is typically the focus.  We will break down the dysfunction into component parts and training quality of motion with the appropriate firing pattern; increasing the dynamic load on the kinetic chain with adequate stabilization and reinforcing that motor pattern through repetition and progressing towards gait re-training through visual and verbal feedback.  As every runner knows: Perfect Practice = Perfect Performance