“The work we’ve done with Max and Sue has taken our program to the next level. The 3D analysis coupled with DNS has given our team an individualized performance program that’s prevented injury, increased flexibility, and added more endurance thus allowing our guys to accomplish certain positions within their swing to be more fundamentally complete. We are fortunate to have Max and Sue.  I feel we are on the cutting edge of player performance.”

“Ball striking has improved dramatically, it was also the first day I didn’t have a significant amount of QL pain.”

“Hello! I hope this message finds you well. I am the Davidson track runner that came to the UVA Speed Clinic over my Christmas break and I wanted to update you on my progress. I had a great indoor season-winning the A-10 3000 meter run, while setting the school record, and also PRing in the mile during the season! My coach has discerned a noticeable improvement in my stride and I attribute that to your guidance and suggestions during my appointment and the exercises you gave me to work on! Thank you SO much!!”

“Two weeks ago I ran my first marathon since visiting the SPEED clinic last fall. I went to the SPEED clinic because I had been unable to improve upon my marathon time of 3:35 and wanted to address my late race fade/collapse. I’m happy to say that I was able to run a 3:24 marathon (11 min PR) and qualify to run Boston. But, what I was most pleased with was running a negative split (1:43/1:41) and finishing my last mile with one of my fastest of the race. I incorporated the items I learned at the SPEED clinic, particularly focusing on running form/posture. Given that I was able to train at that volume injury free, I think the SPEED clinic helped make a difference. As you can probably tell, I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made.”

“It was awesome.  Max and Sue showed me where my body compensates, why that’s causing pain.  More importantly,  they gave me very simple changes that I put to use right away.”

“I’ve been doing the exercises daily and feel that it is going well. I’m more aware of my actions and now I can feel if I’m doing it right or wrong. It’s going great so far and I look forward to working with you both in the future!”

“Max, I have nothing but great things to say about this experience. I have long said that my hips feel tight and this is the first time that someone has actually diagnosed the lack of mobility. I am more than excited to work with the suggested openings and strength conditioning.”

“I followed religiously, as much as I could, your recommendations, and I saw my running form changing every day for the better. I breath better, I run better, and most of all, I recover better and faster. I am currently picking 40 to 50 miles a week, and I ran the last New York City Marathon, where I made another PR, finishing 18 minutes faster than my last one.”

“I have completely changed my running form based on your recommendations: “falling forward”, engaging my abs and gluts more, not “braking” with my heel strike, etc.  I definitely feel like I am faster and more efficient.”

“I learned more about how to properly function in my running than I have ever before thanks to your time with me yesterday!  Even though I felt like I was getting a workout (being that my abs had previously been used to not working in sync with each other), I actually felt super, super relaxed during my drive, which I usually never feel when I’m making a long drive.”

“Max, I learned a lot at the clinic. I change a number of things based on your input and Saturday I shot 40 45 which is lowest score I have had in a couple of years.”

“I have indeed been making improvements to my times! Before I came to the clinic my best marathon was a 2:56. Since then I went to Boston and ran a 2:50 and in Chicago I ran a 2:49. My preparation for Chicago wasn’t optimal so I ran conservatively there and felt like I had more in the tank at the end.”

“Many of the injuries I presented with last winter are no longer major issues.  I’ve been able to increase my weekly mileage, and train more consistently.”

“Thank you for the feedback.  Very much on target!  I hope to get back in the fall to do a review and evaluation.”

“We’re doing great.  I haven’t had any issues with plantar fasciitis in a while.  I also haven’t been running as much due to a new job – which is horrible I know.  But I do feel like my form has improved.

My wife is doing awesome.  She runs a whole lot more than I do these days.  She just completed the Richmond half marathon and set a PR.”

“I’m delighted to say that the pain & inflammation in the left knee are history.  The change in regimen has really been a life-changer for me, and I’m very thankful for it.”

“After I saw you in the spring, I  tried to incorporate some of what you had showed me, mainly working on my form while running.

The very best news is that I had an AMAZING race at Richmond! I ran it in 3:39 which was a BQ for me and most importantly, I had fun, I felt good and I didn’t look like a lumbering mess as I was doing it! I attached a photo for proof, that was near the end and I don’t look half as bad as I usually do.”

“Thanks for checking in! I have had an awesome year in running. I’ve been consistently working on my form – have added trail running which I think was a huge factor in my form. I can’t over-stride and focus on getting my legs below my hips. All that said – I improved my half marathon time by 11 minutes and took 37 minutes off of my marathon time from last year. My running feels so much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Best part – running strong with no injuries!!”

“I have been meaning to send you an email, but I have been staying pretty busy.  I can’t thank you enough for helping me out.  I have made quite a bit of progress over the summer and fall.  I went to an army special forces try-out in July which ended up being about 40 miles of movement in 3 days.  I did well enough to move on in the process and am working on getting another school date now.

After I did the run lab with you I really put a lot of focus on changing my running style and adding flexibility to my lower body as you suggested.  I definitely think  these two changes were the key to my success.  Over the course of several months I was able to increase my weekly training to a point where I was running/rucking 4 times per week for a total of 20-30 miles.  I started to notice that my calves and lower legs weren’t getting tight and fatigued at the end of the run.”

“Simply put, I only have good things to report about my running!  My running has gone really well since implementing what you advised. I ran Boston in April and finished just under 3 hours. Considering everything leading up to the race and the race day itself, I was satisfied with that time and thrilled to be able to complete the race. Since then, I had a very good summer of training, and my fall has been going great. I am excited to report that I was able to run the Richmond Half-Marathon a couple weeks ago in a new PR of 1:13:13.

Basically, I followed all of the “Level 1” exercises you advised all through my lead-up to Boston (roughly 8 weeks) and my running responded very well in the sense that I was able to continuously train with no injury/pain concerns. Then, post-Boston and throughout the summer my running felt totally better.”

“This has been a 7.5 year struggle, so I’m not quite sure “thanks” really does it justice, but thanks a ton for your help Tuesday. The whole experience was great: the lab was awesome, the people working in the lab were awesome, and I’m definitely lucky to have been able to come!”

“The proof is in the results, right?  I had a personal best in my goal race.  I don’t think I was in much better shape; my training runs were of a similar distance, time, and intensity as the last two years.  But I know my form was better.  At each mile marker, and whenever I felt tired, I stepped through my mental form checklist.  Whenever I did that I would always find myself pulling ahead of runners around me, without me exerting any more effort!”

“Thank you both so much for your help on Tuesday. I found the time spent with you to be ever so helpful. The results made so much sense.”

(after a tandem appointment with therapist Eric Magrum and our gait evaluation services): “I’ve interacted with a lot of doctors and physical therapists in my time, and I can confidently say that you and Eric are by far the best I’ve seen. Both of you are real experts who strive for excellence.”

“I think it’s fascinating!  I will definitely incorporate all these suggestions into my daily routine, and hopefully see some real changes in the not too distant future.”

(after a tandem appointment with therapist Eric Magrum and our gait evaluation services.):

“I wish I had come to you guys when this all started.  After going to Sports Medicine doctors and physical therapists, you and Max are the only ones to determine the cause rather than just treat the symptoms.  You have no idea how grateful I am! “ Male, Indiana, after a tandem appointment with therapist Eric Magrum and our gait evaluation services.


“This is great.  I was thrilled with the whole process, and appreciate how much time and care you put into it.  I’ve had a few runs since Friday, and I can feel the adjustments working for more efficient speed.”

“Once again thank you for your time and help on this. In the time we spent with you, I think we got more information than the prior 10 years we have been looking at this.”

“I can’t thank you enough for the very high level of professionalism and insight that you offer. This is truly valuable to me as it is central in pursuing the goals I have set- both in injury prevention and biomechanical efficiency.”

Note: Names on some testimonials were hidden by request.